What will a spend of 250/- INR in 3 days on Facebook get you?

Facebook Advertising Case Study #1: What will a spend of 250/- INR in 3 days on Facebook get you?

With the tremendous growth of interest in advertising and marketing their product on Facebook, a small online publishing house did a small experiment to see how a minimal investment of 250/- INR on Facebook Ads can give them.

Small budget Facebook Ad for Publishing House/Web Magazine

Objective:- The 250/- INR (76.95 daily budget) ad spend over 3 days was tested for the objective such as page likes.

Results:- And here are the results they achieved for every 250/- INR spend on the activity below
  • Page Likes – 663 in 3 days (221 Likes/day)
  • Reach - 16,156 in 3 days
  • Cost per Page Like - 0.35/- INR 
So there is something for business seen on a small budget.

Here is the audience targeting they set;

As you can see, they’re targeting people who are interested in science in the Bengali language, excluding their fans.

The screenshots of the result:-

The Ad Preview:-

Apparently, it seems odd to see that this ad comes with an image of a tortoise. Well, the site is related to science. It is actually a magazine on popular science. Instead of a common image of scientific instruments which might seem boring, using a picture of a posing tortoise as if it is questioning the audience, seemed more appropriate. – which is why had worked well for a “like” campaign.

So to get the best bang out for your Facebook Ads even on a small budget, try zooming in on your target audience and create ad copy that reflects or resonates with them. Learn social media marketing from an online academy of digital marketing


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