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Components of Digital Marketing Strategy

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? What do you mean by digital marketing strategy?  How can we put it into different components? Whenever you are dealing with various things in life those things are multi dimentional. You have multiple things in place like you might have to think about budget, target group, how people buy, what type of and how much digital assets are required, etc. So keeping all these dimensions into different parts what will be the output?

Example Digital Marketing Questionnaire for your Client

The following is an example Client Questionnaire:-  Client Questionnaire for Digital Marketing : MOMORE A. For Analysis I will ask the following questions:- Aspect 1:- Business understanding – What are we trying to do here? Why? (assuming the business is an existing business) What is the name of the business? Is there any tagline describing your business? What does it mean? How old is your company? When was it established? What is the industry type of your business? Do you have a website? Do you sell your products through your website? or Do you rely on third party online platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. to sell your products? How many outlets you have and what are their locations? What are the types of food you sell? Is it expensive or affordable?  How many employees work for you? What is the unique value proposition of your business? Why have you established such a food joint? What are the recent trends you are facing in your sales graph? Is it going

Digital Marketing Checklist - 2020

Many of us considers Digital marketing (DM) to be complex by businesses across domains due to its infinite possibilities. But if we stick to the basics then it is not so complex as it seems. Here is a checklist that might help one get the most out of digital marketing investments.