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Marketing is nothing but Meeting Needs Profitably

What is marketing or digital marketing?  If you are a marketing executive or a digital marketer you must have faced this question either in an interview round or answering to any other aspiring marketing student. According to American marketing author, consultant, and professor Philip Kotlar, Marketing is nothing but Meeting Needs Profitably . Let me explain in a simpler way.

How to Train Your Digital Assets?

Digital Marketing activities are performed just like a salesperson performs his duties. What do you do when you hire a salesperson? You train the salesperson, you give them more knowledge about the trade, how it's going to work, and then you improve it further. Lastly what happens is that the salesperson cannot take the load anymore and then you hire another one to the excess job. Then this new recruit is trained by the previous one. And this goes on. But out of the salesperson hired to do the job, will everyone be able to work the same way? Those who are hired and trained to do the job will not perform in the same way. Some will perform better, you will encourage them. Some will perform less you will warn them or remove them. Similar things happen when you build digital assets for a business. Let us know how we can train the digital assets to make them perform better and better in the future.

Digital Marketing Strategy Simplified - Part 1

Digital Marketing Strategy means that you have an amount of money to invest and you have to get the right returns out of the money - in the short term as well as long term. And also make sure that the opportunities the digital fields are giving you are not missed in any way. Let us simplify the process of digital marketing strategy making for you.