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A Brief Introduction to Faceted Navigation in Ecommerce SEO

Faceted navigation is a crucial component of e-commerce websites, providing a user-friendly way for visitors to filter and sort products based on various attributes such as price, colour, size, brand, and more. While this enhances the user experience by allowing customers to quickly find products that meet their criteria, it also presents significant SEO challenges and opportunities. How Faceted Navigation Works Faceted navigation allows users to refine their search within a product category by selecting multiple attributes. For instance, in an online clothing store, a shopper might filter results to show only "red," "medium," and "cotton" shirts within the "men's" category. Each selection adds a facet, narrowing down the product listing dynamically. SEO Challenges with Faceted Navigation Duplicate Content: One of the primary SEO challenges with faceted navigation is the creation of duplicate content. Each combination of facets can generate

SEMrush Errors Checklist 2021

Looking for errors can be exhaustive and mind-blowing if you don't know where to look for and how to find them out on your website. Here is a checklist of errors that can possibly destroy your SEO efforts if not taken care of in time. The list is provided by the SEMrush tool.

Complete SEO Checklist 2020 (Advanced)

In my first post, I had talked about what are the important SEO checklist that you should consider while auditing a website. Today I will share a more compact one with mentions of tools that you can use for the purpose.

How to Use the Domain Overview Tool of SEMrush

If you want to get instant insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor or prospective customer, SEMrush Domain Overview Tool is the best one to use. Today I will tell you how I used this tool to get the insights of three competitors of my client's website:

How to Setup Site Audit Crawler in SEMrush

You have created your SEMrush account and now you want to use it properly for the SEO of your website. Here are the steps to do it. Getting Started with the Tool: Site Audit Crawler Setup at the very beginning

Example Digital Marketing Questionnaire for your Client

The following is an example Client Questionnaire:-  Client Questionnaire for Digital Marketing : MOMORE A. For Analysis I will ask the following questions:- Aspect 1:- Business understanding – What are we trying to do here? Why? (assuming the business is an existing business) What is the name of the business? Is there any tagline describing your business? What does it mean? How old is your company? When was it established? What is the industry type of your business? Do you have a website? Do you sell your products through your website? or Do you rely on third party online platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. to sell your products? How many outlets you have and what are their locations? What are the types of food you sell? Is it expensive or affordable?  How many employees work for you? What is the unique value proposition of your business? Why have you established such a food joint? What are the recent trends you are facing in your sales graph? Is it going