Know the 35 types of backlinks You Can Create for Your Site

Friends, today we are going to talk about the different types of backlinks that you can generate for your blog or website and get traffic through them.

As you know backlink generation is a very important task assigned to any SEO executive in any agency. And often the fresher find it very difficult to identify where they should share links to get a backlink for their client.

Here is a list of 35 types of backlinks that will help you identify where to share your links:-

Based on the level of difficulty I have divided the list into three parts:-

Most difficult backlinks to obtain from:-

  1. .EDU links - While .edu links are not inherently more powerful, .edu sites tend to have high domain authority, making these links valuable.
  2. .GOV links - Many link .edu sites, and .gov sites tend toward high domain authority
  3. .ORG links - These carry the same benefits as .gov and .edu sites, but are easier to get compared to the other two 
  4. Links from Wiki Sites - External links to web pages outside Wikipedia.
  5. Create a Tool - Web tools like online calculators.

Moderately difficult backlinks to obtain from:-

  1. Editorially-given links - When someone mentions your website name and gives a link back to your site then you get editorially-given links. You don't have to work hard to get such links. It comes naturally from organic methods. Editorial links happen naturally when you publish high-quality, engaging content.
  2. Links from Traditional Media or Press - Suppose your client/agency has organized an event that is covered by media. they publish the article on their media site and give a link back to your client's / your agency's site then you get such a link. The best way to get links from the press (e.g. newspapers, magazines, radio, TV) is by creating a resource of study that journalists will cite.
  3. Links from Complementary Business within your Nich/Industry - Complementary businesses have a similar target audience but don't directly compete with you. Suppose your business is to sell mobile phones and there is another business that sells mobile covers, then the latter one can give a link back to your business site from their blog articles or other content.
  4. Links from Competitors in Your Industry - If you can get competitors to link to you, you know you are doing something right.
  5. Links from Reddit - This is separate from other social media links because it requires a very careful approach. 
  6. Links from Ebooks - You have to create a lot of relevant content for this but these types of links are really helpful. More valuable the content is more downloads there will be. When downloaded the links provided here will be used for marketing.
  7. Guest Blog Links - 
  8. How-to Guide Links - Gets good reach if we share relevant topics and algorithms may give importance to those pages.
  9. Resource Guide - Backlinks from pages that have curated lists of links to external websites (resource pages).
  10. Write a CrowdSourced Quote or Post - Contributing your thoughts to a quote post
  11. Links to News - 
  12. Links from Webinars -
  13. Links to Original Research - SEO Guide type
  14. Links to Glossaries -
  15. Links to Your Case Study -
  16. Links Your Competitors have -
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Easy backlinks to obtain from:-

  1. Internal Links - Internal links are some of the easiest to build
  2. Niche Forum Profile Links - The value of these links lies in the audience, which are people who are highly involved in your industry.
  3. Social Media Profile Links -
  4. Social Media Post Links - Share a link with your new posts on social media
  5. Links from LinkedIn Company Directory - Another simple, but overlooked link.
  6. Relevant/Non-Spammy Industry Directories - Don't look for a lot of crappy directory links, instead look for relevant ones with good spam scores (less than 4%).
  7. Links from local directories 
  8. Links from Template Directories - Create a WordPress Theme
  9. Links from Local News Sites - Very accessible links. The reputation of such sites is also high. These are very good backlinks. Google's Search engine algorithm remains biased towards these news sites.
  10. Manual Outreach links - Social Book Marking techniques
  11. Google My Business Links - 
  12. Links with Brand Name Anchor tags - 
  13. Links with Key Terms Anchor text - These are usually keywords
  14. Infographic Links - 
  15. Infographic citation Links -
  16. Links from Q&A Sites - Like Quora
  17. Links from Email -
  18. Graphic Links - 
  19. Links from Videos - 
  20. Links from SlideShare - Create PPTs and upload them
  21. Links from Reviews - 
  22. Links from Podcasts - 
  23. Links from Interviews -
Hope these tips are useful for your link-building activities. Learn link-building activities from a reputed digital marketing academy and apply the suitably to gain references and traffic to your website.   


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