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Conseils de Marketing is a place for Digital Marketing Tips for newcomers in the domain.

Conseils is a French word that means Tips in the English language. As it means and the name of the blog suggests, this is my online personal journal where I share my thoughts and opinion and tips and tricks regarding digital marketing and advertising and branding. 

If you want to learn digital marketing to become a pro in the field, you can avail any of the online courses in digital marketing that is offered by my academy.

SB Digital Academy is a new-age licensed virtual academy whose aim is to impart knowledge in the various modules of digital marketing to college students and other individuals who require special attention and personal training in the said subject. Each and every online training session is practical-oriented and lessons are provided in small batches so that each and every learner gets individual attention from the instructor.

These course modules are specially designed by an experienced digital marketer, Sayantani Banerjee who has been working in the field of advertising, graphic design, content writing and digital marketing for over a decade since 2010.

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